Where are IMAN Cosmetics sold?

IMAN Cosmetics are sold in the US in select CVS, Target, Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Duane Reade, and Walmart stores, independent regional retailers and military commissaries. Internationally, the brand is sold in Canada, France, UK, Africa, and the Caribbean in select department stores. Check the Find-A-Store page for specific locations in Africa.

What if IMAN Cosmetics are not available in my local area?

IF you are in Souh Africa, you can shop for IMAN Cosmetics online right here in our online shop. Alternatively you can email iman@omegacosmetics.co.za for details about how to order.

How do I know what shade of IMAN Cosmetics to wear?

Check out the IMAN Cosmetics Beauty App to find customized product recommendations to match your complexion based on the science of your skin tone.You can also check out the Meet Your Match page, a guide that helps you match the shade that you may have worn in another brand with an IMAN Cosmetics shade. Also, IMAN Cosmetics often provides samples or testers on promotional units when new products are launched. If you still have questions, you can send your inquiry to iman@omegacosmetics.co.za

Are IMAN Cosmetics only for “Women of Color”?

IMAN Cosmetics is for “Women with Skin of Color”, regardless of ethnicity. Iman has three basic shade ranges: “Sand” for Olive Skin, “Clay” for Dark Olive to Light Brown Skin and “Earth” for Medium to Ebony Brown skin.

How can I learn about product use/application?

IMAN Cosmetics offers a number of how-to options on application tips on our product pages and our YouTube channel. You can also check out our VIP Vloggers Videos featuring tips from our fabulous vloggers of all ages, styles and skin tones.

How can I find out what ingredients are contained in IMAN Cosmetics products?

Every IMAN product has the ingredients listed directly on its packaging. If you want to see this information online, simply click on the “Ingredients” tab for each product. If you have any additional questions about IMAN products, you can also send your inquiry to iman@omegacosmetics.co.za and an IMAN Cosmetics representative will get back to you.

I used to buy my IMAN Cosmetics products at JCPenney, at a mall kiosk or via a direct selling representative. Are these options no longer available?

No, IMAN Cosmetics is now exclusively available in the store locations listed on the IMAN Cosmetics Website, as well as on select military bases and specialty stores.

Are the IMAN Cosmetics products that I used to buy in other venues the same as the IMAN Cosmetics products available now?

IMAN Cosmetics has a commitment to excellence in product development, quality and customer service. Providing the most current and advanced ingredients and utilizing the best possible packaging options are our top priority. Therefore, from time to time, formula improvements are made to the brand. Shades are sometimes discontinued or reformulated and packaging is occasionally updated to make room for newer, more contemporary products and shades to be developed.

Are the IMAN Cosmetics products tested on animals?

No. We do not test our products on animals, nor do we ask others to conduct animal testing on our behalf.

Are the IMAN Cosmetics products tested for safety for all skin types, including sensitive and oily skin?

Yes. All IMAN Cosmetic products are FDA approved and laboratory tested for consumer safety, irritation and sensitivity, product stability, ingredient preservation, product efficacy, and package compatibility. Almost all IMAN products are oil free and many are oil absorbing, making them compatible with oily skin. If you have very sensitive skin or special skin conditions, we recommend that you consult a dermatologist before using any cosmetics product.

How can I become an IMAN Cosmetics model?

If you are a professional model, you can have your agency inquire to iman@omegacosmetics.co.za. If not, you are welcome to join IMAN Cosmetics on Facebook and Twitter, where periodically “real women” are selected to represent IMAN Cosmetics for special events and projects.

How can I sell or distribute IMAN Cosmetics products?

In the US, the IMAN Cosmetics brand is sold exclusively to major retailers directly or via established distributors who resell to store locations. Globally, the brand is also only sold via established distributors to major retailers. IMAN is not sold directly to small stores, independent sales representatives or salons. IMAN currently already has distributors in the US, UK, Africa and the Caribbean. If you are a retailer in and would like to purchase IMAN Cosmetics or if you are an established distributor and would like to propose representing IMAN in a market that does not already have distribution, you can send your formal inquiry with detailed information about your company to iman@omegacosmetics.co.za and an IMAN representative will get back to you.

Who is IMAN Cosmetics owned by?

IMAN Cosmetics Arica is owned by Omega Cosmetics

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